What is always in focus at Hansson Law? The best achievable solution. What can be achieved? What is the fastest way to the finish line? In what industry is the client operating?

To find the best solution, one must combine expertise with industry knowledge, commercial understanding, financial analysis and interpersonal tact. Strategy and psychological understanding is often vital for achieving the best results.


Good contracts is the key to stability, predictability and rational operation, and contributes to secure economic growth and long-term cooperation, while contributing to prevent disputes from arising.

The contract regulates the relationship between the contracting parties both during the term of the agreement and at its termination.


Hansson Law is a total supplier of legal services within construction projects – on the developer side, the contractor side as well as the project planner side – and at all stages of the construction contract; whether it is in the initial contract phase, the subsequent implementation phase, step-by-step construction phases or the termination and settlement phase.


Insurance is meant to be a guarantee if and when damage occurs. Payment of annual premium provides financial security when and if one would need it one day. The principle is simple enough, but the reality is often not so uncomplicated. Insurance contracts are riddled with reservations and exceptions and insurance customers often experience some sort of reduced or limited coverage.

In such instances, it’s important to consult a lawyer with knowledge of insurance contracts and insurance company procedures and who fights to get what you are entitled to.


A number of issues for both businesses and private individuals can arise in connection with real estate. Often, it concerns relatively large values for those involved, and legal assistance can be both necessary and suitable to ensure that all matters are properly taken care of. We assist our clients with virtually all types of real estate; residences, holiday houses, commercial properties, co-ownerships, housing cooperatives and agriculture.


Practically everyone experiences bereavement and heritage during their lifetime. Many challenges occur where the family is less traditional, maybe with multiple marriages, children out of wedlock and where one or both of the parents, for different reasons, wish to balance out equal sharing according to the Inheritance Act either through a will or bequests. Legislation opens for a significant access to bequests while alive, but is more limited when it comes to testamentary dispositions.


A number of the issues and challenges related to commercial property coincides with real estate in general. See “real estate” for more information.

We assist clients with both purchase/ sale of commercial property and purchase/ sale of companies with ownership in commercial property, administration, operation and rental of commercial property.


Corporate law is one of the most comprehensive and complex areas. It is fundamental to everything that happens in the business sector, and it is pervasive regardless of what segment of business you operate in or in which segment of society you are located.

Company law consists of all the actors and processes that are in progress, which enables society to function. Without the business sector, society cannot exist.


Our experience shows that it is very important to conclude an agreement on the arrangement of assets, whether you are married or not. If you are willing to spend money on a lawyer in advance, you can save a lot of time, money and grief if you later dissolve the partnership.

We strongly recommend to hire a lawyer to get advice on how the arrangement of assets should be planned and get the right documents that ensure the good solutions for the future.


We regularly assist clients in need of supply of capital from either a bank/ financial institute or private lenders, whether the client is a lender or a borrower.

If a bank is involved, we typically assist the borrower with the application process, and possibly clean up his or her finances, registered conditions etc.


We regularly undertake litigation assignments for our clients and guide you through all stages of the case. This applies of course to the ordinary courts, but also to the conciliation court and various advisory complaint boards (Finansklagenemnda, KOFA, Husleietvistutvalget etc.).

For businesses, legal disputes from time to time will be inevitable and be part of the operational side of business. For most private individuals, either being sued or suing someone is a new experience, which can be perceived as stressful and straining.


We also have a real estate agency license, and assist with purchase settlement and general realting.

We offer realting for all types of properties, both on an hourly basis and on a commission basis. The client can perform a number of the tasks that estate agents traditionally do. We therefore emphasize adapting the size of the assignment to the client’s need for assistance.


Typical clients: In principle, we assist anyone who has a monetary claim against another person or business. Debt collection is only applicable when the claim is undisputed and the debtor for various other reasons does not pay. If the claim is disputed, the matter is an ordinary dispute, which we also assist with.
Our clients: Business managers, rental companies and private individuals and companies that have provided credit.