We assist anyone who has a monetary claim against another individual or a business. Debt collection is only applicable when the claim is undisputed and the debtor for various other reasons does not pay. If the claim is disputed, the matter is an ordinary dispute, which we also assist with.

Our clients mainly consists of: Business managers, companies and private individuals.

In general, debt collection consists of these steps:

  1. Payment requirement (i.e. invoice)
  2. Notice of debt collection
  3. Payment request
  4. Notice of enforcement (“§ 4-18 notice”)
  5. Petition for enforcement
  6. In case when the person owing money owns real estate: Application for realization (foreclosure) of execution mortgage object.

Enforcement roughly means carrying out something against the rights holders will. In addition to the above-mentioned enforcement by collection of monetary claims, we also assist with eviction. The eviction may be due to payment default, but also to other essential matters that makes it necessary for the tenant to vacate the property.