At Hansson we’re concerned with providing our clients with solid legal advice that contribute to value-added and lasting solutions, while at the same time having focus on a high level of professionality, efficiency, inter-personal understanding and good, strategic choices.

Our core values are:

  • Precision
  • Determination and decisiveness
  • Integrity
  • Enduring and efficient solutions

Precision is sought through al our counselling and assistance. Precise and clear advice based on solid legal expertise, inter-personal understanding and strategic analysis.

Determination and decisiveness are for us about two words; efficiency and impact.

Integrity is a word one hears all the time, but can have different meaning of content. For us integrity contains much of what in our oponion should characterize a lawyers manner; high morals, independence, honesty, fairness and transparency.

As much as we seek to achieve good solutions for our clients, we have equally focus on the solutions being lasting and efficient. Through our advice we aim to help the client see the possibilities and choose the solution that overall will be best for the client, both now and in the future.

By choosing us to represent you, you get a lojal partner with high integrity, high professional precision and personal commitment.