A number of the issues and challenges related to commercial property coincides with real estate in general. See “property law” for more information.

We assist clients with both purchase/ sale of commercial property and purchase/ sale of companies with ownership in commercial property, administration, operation and rental of commercial property. We cooperate with all specialists needed in acquisition situations, such as tax specialists and audit/ accounting, and can provide customized solutions for your needs. In addition, we cooperate with architects, engineers, property management companies, maintenance services etc. In this way, we can assist with every need you may have on the operational side of commercial property.

When renting commercial property there is a considerable degree of contractual autonomy, and we formulate customized contracts for parties on either side.

We represent both buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees.

In case of contract breach, we assist with eviction, recovery and enforcement as well as dispute resolution.

Our assistance can typically be:

  • Customized contracts for purchase and rental
  • Adaptation and implementation of commercial standards
  • Counselling on acquisitions, sales, rental, development etc.
  • Implementation of takeovers
  • Coordination of development projects
  • Litigation and dispute resolution



9 November 2021|Comments Off on PROPERTY INVESTMENT IN NORWAY

By: Axel M. Hansson, partner and Ida C. Stavnes Høisæther, partner   Introduction Historically, investments in real estate in Norway has produced high returns. In a long-term perspective, property will usually give a high yield, [...]

Stortinget has adopted amendments to the Disposal Act – property sellers are given more responsibility

14 October 2019|Comments Off on Stortinget has adopted amendments to the Disposal Act – property sellers are given more responsibility

The Disposal Act regulates buying and selling of housing. In May 2019, Stortinget passed amendments to the Disposal Act that are intended to lead to better and safer housing deals. The amendments are expected to [...]