Corporate law is one of the most comprehensive and complex areas. It is fundamental to everything that happens in the business sector, and it is pervasive regardless of what segment of business you operate in or in which segment of society you are located.

Corporate law consists of all the actors and processes that are in progress, which enables society to function. Without the business sector, society cannot exist.

We represent all kinds of companies, corporationbs, groups and organizations, from corporations with limited liability to companies with other forms of liability to property companies, investment companies and foundations.

Our typical clients are small and medium sized companies, property companies of all sizes and housing companies in all forms and sizes, but we assist large companies as well.

As a client with us you will have covered almost any need you may have – whether it is a single case that needs to be settled or you want a general business and strategy advisor. We have long experience with both.

Through general business law assistance, you get a collaborator who over time becomes familiar with all aspects of your business at a level of detail, but who at the same time can provide the overview and give you the customized advice for achieving rational, profitable and effective operations.

We cooperate with specialists in tax, auditing and accounting – both domestic and international, and can offer customized solutions for you.

Our assistance can typically be:

  • Incorporation
  • Change of ownership and transport of shares
  • Shareholder agreements, company agreements, investment agreements etc.
  • Directors’ and management liability
  • Capital changes and distributions
  • Financial advice
  • Operational advice
  • Acquisition, mergers and liquidation of companies
  • Assessment of a company’s legal standing
  • General business law advice adapted to the company’s needs in both phases of change and operational phases
  • Extrajudicial negotiations
  • Litigation and dispute resolution



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