Insurance is meant to be a guarantee if and when damage occurs. Payment of annual premium provides financial security when and if one would need it one day. The principle is simple enough, but the reality is often not so uncomplicated. Insurance contracts are riddled with reservations and exceptions and insurance customers often experience some sort of reduced or limited coverage.

In such instances, it’s important to consult a lawyer with knowledge of insurance contracts and insurance company procedures and who fights to get what you are entitled to.

Hansson assists both businesses and private individuals, Norwegian and international, with damage processes, coverage issues and procedure for the ordinary courts and advisory complaint board (“Finansklagenemnda”).

We provide assistance regarding almost all types of insurance – both for businesses and private individuals. We assist you with your needs within property damage insurance, household insurance, travel insurance, construction insurance, contractor insurance, project liability insurance, directors liability and management liability insurance, change of ownership insurance, house buyer insurance, legal aid insurance and motor vehicle insurance.

Our assistance can typically be:

  • Clarification of existing insurances and coverage options
  • Identification of insurance need, advice and tailoring of various insurance policies and coverages
  • Damage processes and negotiations
  • Assessment of coverage issues and liability issues
  • Assessment of jurisdiction and choice of law in international insurance matters
  • Damage loss calculations
  • Litigation and ispute resolution



9 November 2021|

By: Axel M. Hansson, partner and Ida C. Stavnes Høisæther, partner   Introduction Historically, investments in real estate in Norway has produced high returns. In a long-term perspective, property will usually give a high yield, [...]