It is very important to invest in an agreement on arrangement of assets, whether you are married or not. If you are willing to spend money on a lawyer in advance, you can save a lot of time, money and grief if you later dissolve the partnership.

We strongly recommend to hire a lawyer to get advice on how the arrangement of assets should be set up and get the right documents that ensure the good solutions for the future. Then you do not have to think about the finances if the relationship ends – you have already decided how to divide the assets and you avoid long and painful disputes.

Disputes in family relations can be very challenging for everyone involved, especially for children. Everyone will benefit from resolving disagreements quickly and smoothly, but that is not always easy to see when you are in the situation. Unfortunately, money very often becomes the sole focus, and it is easy to forget that one shall cooperate also after the financial settlement is completed. Therefore, you may want to contact a lawyer early to clarify what you are entitled to and what will be good and sustainable solutions for the future as well. Maybe it is not just money to be distributed, but also personal belongings such as family photos and things the kids have made? Perhaps you disagree about who the children should live with or how to distribute the time with the children? Money is important, but it is not everything.

Our experience and focus on interpersonal relationships can contribute to give parties a solution that both can live with and which at the same time provide a basis for a good cooperative environment in the future.

Our assistance can typically be:

  • Drafting of asset agreements and nuptial agreements (pre or post)
  • Consulting on the choice of asset arrangements
  • Assistance in the event of dissolution
  • Assistance in public and private division of assets
  • Divorce settlement
  • Settlement in the event of dissolution
  • Negotiations
  • Litigation and dispute resolution