The working relationship with the accompanying rights has a fundamental value for the individual
employee, both as a financial source of income and as a contribution to a meaningful everyday life.
For employers, there are a number of duties and responsibilities associated with having employees, at the same time as employees are crucial for the business to function. For these reasons, it is important that employees and employers follow the rules that apply to a working relationship.

The purpose of labor law regulation is to protect employees, who are usually assumed to be the weak party in relation to the employer. The Working Environment Act cannot be derogated by agreement to the disadvantage of the employee unless specifically stipulated. Failure to follow the rules can have major consequences for both the individual employee and the employer’s responsibility. To minimize such consequences, it may be wise to consult a lawyer early.

We assist our clients with establishment of working relationships and contracts, changes and adjustments, termination of working relationships, as well as mediation and dispute resolution in the event of conflicts.

We typically assist with questions about:

  • Employer’s right of management
  • Employment on probation
  • Temporary employment
  • Employee’s preferential rights
  • Hiring of labour
  • Discrimination and differential treatment
  • Wage and holiday pay
  • Competition clauses
  • Customer clauses
  • Recruitment clauses
  • Working environment
  • Working time
  • Vacation
  • Leave of absence
  • Layoff
  • Business transfer
  • Termination and dismissal